World Health Organization Urges Ban On Cigarette Advertising

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is urging all nations to participate in a worldwide ban on all cigarette advertising. W.H.O. urges nations to ban cigarette advertising as a health issue, to prevent the world's youth from being attracted to cigarette smoking.

Hello, W.H.O.! The world's children are dying of starvation, drought, natural disasters, diseases, poor sanitation, poor birthing methods, poverty, AIDS, and many other critical and common causes of death. Not cigarette smoking.

The World Health Organization wants to ban cigarette advertising? Get real! Compared to all the other health risks in third-world countries cigarette smoking is hardly a biggie. Plus, poor people in developing nations and third-world inhabitants often do not have enough money to buy food ... how are they going to buy cigarettes???

W.H.O. is urging a worldwide ban on cigarette advertising. Obviously, there are some anti-smoking zealots at the World Health Organization with too much funding and not enough to do.

And are U.S. taxpayers paying for this b.s.? Yep. Along with the other 192 member nations.