Gas Tax Holiday

The Gas Tax Holiday Is A Joke

2008 Presidential candidates John McCain and Hillary Clinton propose a federal gas tax holiday, eliminating the 18 cents per gallon federal tax on gasoline for 3 months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This is to help Americans cope with the high price of gasoline during the summer driving months.

In reality, here’s what the federal gas tax holiday will do …

Let’s do the math. I use 10 gallons of gas a week. If the government institutes a tax holiday and eliminates 18 cents a gallon I will save $1.80 per week. That’s about $7 a month. Over the 3-month gas tax holiday period I will save a grand total of $21.

Oh, yeah, a savings of $7 a month for 3 months will really reduce my household expenses of thousands of dollars a month.

C’mon, you idiot politicians, get real!

Copyright 2008 Andrew Lawrence