We, The People, Want Action! Now!

America has critical problems. Critical problems that are not being fixed by our representatives in Washington. We, the people, want action on the following problems. Now! Here's what we want our government to do ...

Offer to surrender to Middle East terrorist groups, on the condition that they pay us back all the money we spent on the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. That's $1 trillion. Get the money up front.

After we get the trillion dollar payment pull all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, re-deploy them and take over the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle East oil producers. Don't bother to run it by the U.N. or our allies in Europe and Asia first. Just do it. Call it a "local police action" or "push for peace" or whatever. Then, we would controll the world's major oil fields, WE would control the world's oil supply. Then we roll back gas prices to $1.00 a gallon. In addition, as a result of us controlling all the oil, we would also win the War On Terror, because the Middle East would have no money, no power, and would cease to be a threat to anyone.

Use the $1 trillion we get from Middle East terrorist groups to stimulate the economy. There are 100 million households in the U.S. That means each household would get $10,000. Cash. THAT should stimulate the economy and get us out of the recession.

Illegal immigration
Pass an international eminent domain law and take over Mexico. Then, let U.S. real estate developers turn Mexico into thousands of giant shopping malls, theme parks and condo communities. That should create plenty of jobs for Mexican workers, and they won't have to illegally come here anymore.

OK, Washington, that's it for now. Get to work!