Scientists Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader

In 2006 the earth's polar ice caps suffered massive melting. This caused hysterical warnings of global warming doom from scientists thoughout the world.

The very next year, 2007, the earth's polar ice caps did not continue to melt but instead, refroze and regained even more ice than it lost the previous year. This caused hysterical warnings of global cooling and fears of a mini ice-age from scientists throughout the world.

Here's what really happened ...

There is a warm polar sea current, which caused the polar ice cap melting of 2006. That polar ice melted into the surrounding sea and the water became colder. The colder water then blocked the warm ocean current. In blocking the warm current the polar seas then simply became colder and this caused ice to reform on the polar ice caps. More ice than before the melt.

None of this was man-made.

Simple facts. Simple science. Yet environmental scientists (with PhD's) screamed hysterical global warming warnings and, the very next year, screamed ice age doom and gloom warnings They were ignorant of the simple facts and the simple science.

This is 5th grade science. Thus, PhD scientists who screamed hysterical warnings of global warming or ice age due to polar ice cap activity are, apparently, not smarter than a 5th grader.