Raise Your Hand If You Want
To Have LESS Money

Who in their right mind would want to have LESS money? Who in their right mind would volunteer to pay MORE taxes? Who in their right mind would elect to have a LOWER standard of living?

Apparently, anyone who is a Democrat.

The Democratic Party make no bones about it. The Democratic Party comes right out and tells you, in advance, that they will raise taxes. YOUR taxes. The more taxes you pay, the less money you have. The less money you have the lower your standard of living. Who in their right mind would volunteer to have a lower standard of living? It's un-American. Oh, you think the Democrats are talking about only raising taxes on the rich; the fat cats, the CEO's and other financial super stars? Think again. The Democrats think anyone earning over $100,000 is rich. In reality, that's a standard 2-income family in America. Often husband and wife government workers, perhaps school teachers, earning $50,000 each. $100,000 a year income. Rich? Not by anyone's standards ... except the Democrats.

If YOU vote Democrat YOU will likely be paying higher taxes. As a result of paying higher taxes, YOU will have less money in your pocket and YOU will have a lower standard of living.

By the way, if you thought that the Democratic Party was the party of the underdog, the party of the working class, the party of the poor, think again. In the past 50 years, despite all the Democratic bluster and the billions and billions of taxpayer dollars spent by all the Democratic government poverty programs, the fact is that there are more poor people in America than ever before!

And, you may be startled to learn, that the top 20 zip codes in America with the highest incomes are ALL Democratic. The rich people in America live, not in Republican neighborhoods, but in Democratic neighborhoods. The Democratic Party is, in fact, now the party of the rich! Imagine the hypocrisy. The Democratic Party promotes itself as the party of the working class and the poor but, in reality, it is the party of the rich and privileged. In reality, it has become the party of the fat cats they are against! Once you look at the facts, once you look at the truth, the Democratic Party defies all human logic. Yet, tens of millions of Americans continue to vote Democrat. Tens of millions of Americans are voting to raise their own taxes. Who in their right mind would voluntarily want to pay more taxes? Who in their right mind would volunteer to pay more taxes, have less money in their pocket, and have a lower standard of living?

No one in their right mind.